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Master Aman

Master Aman the co-founder of Trika Yog studio in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a native of Haridwar, and raised in Rishikesh the Yoga Capital of the World. Following the strict instructions from his Guru Swami Yogananda ji, he learn a lot of knowledges and techniques from him and also do study with other yoga masters in Rishikesh in varieties of yoga styles and techniques. Master Aman is known for his energetic and motivating in his classes.  All Master Aman’s classes will be conduct with powerful safely adjustments teaching on the depths of each asana. On this technique and his motivation way are often profound effect to the student progress. This result and his teaching style lead the students come from all over the world to take his classes and commonly practice with him.  Students have returned home with straighter backs, better body structure and clearer minds. Master Aman is also conducting teacher trainings, retreat and workshops to internationally and Thailand. 

mukeshYoga Charya  Mukesh Ji

  • He was born in rishikesh in sattvic farmer family,and grew up too.
  • He was led to yoga in sivananda ashram along with guru ji under strict discipline  since childhood as long.
  • He obtained secondary education Poornand Intermediate College in rishikesh.
  • Then finds that yoga brings wonderful life alive and let lead us to feel plenty of satisfaction.
  • He embraced that everything is one,one is everything that comes from same foundation and create such a fabulous harmony
  • It can offer eternal gifts and wisdom to the mind and spirit,and help to discover inner peace.

Therefore he is the teacher and founder of natraj yoga peeth. He has explored other styles of yoga including,hatha,ashtanga,and iyengar. Class flowing that use props who need and improve with explanation. He observe in a class  how energys going on


Dhirendra Bishtd bisht

Motivated Yoga Instructor with advanced training in yoga and specialization in Hatha and  Ashtanga principles. Enjoy inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to long-term health and fitness goals. Energetic and outgoing with collaborative spirit.

  •      1 year teaching experience with community people of rishikesh.
  •      Yoga teacher training experience  with anadvan yog peeth  .
  •      yoga teaching experience with rishikesh yog peeth.
  •      3 month work experience  with Retreat classes in VISHWA YOG PEETH laxman jhula .
  •      6month Working experince with HIMALYAN YOGA RETREETS .
  •      Lead yoga classes for all skill levels, from beginning to advance with modification alignment and adjustment.
  •      Teach student correct postures to ensure maximum benefit and safety.
  •      Provide guided meditation at the beginning and end of each class to help students center themselves and get the most out of each session.
  •      Work with students of all body types and fitness levels to develop customized programs and positional adjustments that increase skill, fitness, and wellbeing.
  •      Give student’s in-depth understanding of breathing techniques.
  •  Pay attention to the needs of every student throughout each class.
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